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Reasons For Having A Family Devotion


In this world, nobody who came from the moon or emerged from underground. Individuals need to live together. It is thus important to have a good relationship between family members, for both parents and the children. God is unity and we need to be united just like the body and church of Jesus Christ. As the saying goes that the family that prays together stays together, there is need to have togetherness at home. You should not tolerate the sin of hatred keep you separated as a family. There is a need to pray, sing and worship together. This can be done on different occasions of the day depending on how free the family members are. This can be in the early morning, in the afternoon and also in the evening. When two or three individuals come together, they form a church of the Lord. You can make your family an altar of worship. Here, you can even a member of the extended family to repent sins and lead a way of Jesus Christ.


In the society today, we have two groups of the individuals, some believe there is god and the far they have come is by the power of the God while others are just earthly individuals who fail to understand their origin. The children of the families that worship together and are brought up in a Christian setting tend to lead good behavior and have good relationships with the other members of the society. Anybody in the family can be a leader in the family devotionals activity such as the mother, father, son, daughter or the uncle. It can just include singing the hymns, worship songs, reading the bible and also offering motivational talks. It should be a participatory session. Even the father of the family can be the leader or the pastor of the devotion.


The benefits of having a family devotion include raising the individuals in the family who are deeply rooted in the way of the Christ. As the family devotional are being held on regular basis, the children are able to gain the joy of the Lord through the guidance and strength that they receive from the parents. In fact, many blessings in the society are brought by the family devotions which are held in different families. It is so important to have a family devotion in order to increase the divine supplies and blessings on the earth.


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